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国际商业机器公司(英语:International Business Machines Corporation,首字母缩略字:IBM,曾译万国商用机器公司)是美国一家跨国科技公司及咨询公司,总部位于纽约州阿蒙克市。IBM 主要客户是政府和企业。IBM 生产并销售计算机硬件及软件,并且为系统架构和网络托管提供咨询服务。截至 2013 年,IBM 已在全球拥有 12 个研究实验室和大量的软件开发基地。IBM 虽然是一家商业公司,但因为过去的发展历史,在材料、化学、物理等科学领域却也有很高的成就,利用这些学术研究为基础,发明很多产品。比较有名的 IBM 发明的产品包括硬盘、自动柜员机、通用产品代码、SQL、关系数据库管理系统、DRAM 及沃森。

Job Description
As an entry level Business Transformation Consultant (BTC) at IBM, you’ll work right at the intersection of technology, people, and process, helping our clients transform how they adapt to shifts in the market, and more closely align their business strategy and vision. You’ll help clients understand leading technologies and the impact they can have on traditional business processes, as well as an opportunity to build a powerful portfolio of interesting and rewarding experiences. Leveraging a growth mindset, you’re ready and willing to deliver business value, wherever needed. In your role, you may be responsible for:

  1. Projecting business values of a solution in client-relevant terms and drive adoption of the KPI impact with key client stakeholders
  2. Developing communications tailored to specific audiences while working in an agile, collaborative environment
  3. Using IBM’s Design Thinking to help solve client’s challenges and analyze data to support conclusions and strategies

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Graduate in 2024 or within 2 years of graduation, Bachelor degree or above.
  • Ability to understand clients’needs and challenges,and apply creative and logical approach to identify solutions
  • Ability to communicate complex situations clearly and simply by listening actively and conveying difficult messages in a positive manner
  • Ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions
  • Ability to apply logic to solve business problems through a detailed analytical approach
  • Ability to translate requirements into a business case

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Highly motivated,with clear evidence of drive and significant achievements
  • A passion for innovative ideas,coupled with the ability to understand and assimilate different points of view
  • Drive to overcome the most challenging or difficult obstacles and look for ways to improve results

How to apply
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